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Best brother and sister quotes

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Brother-sister relationship is big because they are related to the heart.

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Sister👩‍🌾 is the 😎pride of brother ❤️and brother is🥰 the life of a 🥳sister🥳.

Best brother sister quotes
There😇 is no❌ better friend🤝 for a sister😎 than a brother🤘 No ❌matter how far 👀👀away siblings 👨‍👧are from each other, but🖐️ they care a lot 💯about each 👨‍👧other

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No ❌matter how🤘 far away siblings👩‍🎓 are from 😇each other, but they 🙌care a lot about 🤠each other❤️

Brother 🙋 and sister👩‍💼 relationship 💚is the best 👌relationships in 🌍the world🤙

No ❌one is like a🙋 brother, takes 🧐care of you like🧓 a father, supports 🙌you in everything🥳 and is ready for you 🤗 all the time as a 🤝friend.

 A 💁brother plays 🤘many roles for 🤠you such as a 👴father, a 🤙motivator, a teacher😚, a supporter🤗


The👸 girlfriend who calls😘 you sweet❤️ heart may ❌not be with you, 🤘but the sister👩‍⚕️ who calls🤗 you a 🐶dog should always be 💯with you🤙

Speak 🗣️about the sister👩‍⚕️ of others as🤠 much as🤗 you can hear 💁about your👸 sister❤️

A 👩‍⚕️sister's❤️ love is the 🤙greatest wealth🤑 for 💎any 👦 brother.

For 👩‍🎓a sister, the elder 🙋brother is🔃 always👳 like a father, 🤙and the 👼younger brother👼 is always🤝 like a friend😇.   

In🌏 this world🌏, a 🙋brother has 🤗the most💯 respect and affection🤘 for his 👩‍🎓sister.

 An 👩‍🎓older sister 🤗always plays💪 challenging 🤠characters for her 🙋younger 👦siblings👩‍⚕️ such as a friend 🤝a mentor👩‍🎤 and most importantly a listener💯

Best quotes for sister  

When⚡ every of your😷 relatives sees🙄 the trouble 😤that comes over☹️ you and 🏃runs away from👩‍⚕️ you then 🤙there is only one🤗 person in this world🌏 who is always🤝 with you in those difficult😖 times and 😎we call him💪 brother🤘

There🤘 is only sister👩‍⚕️ in this world🌏, Who touches😇 the hands 🙌of his brothers👦 and 😁knows the things 🤘of their heart❤️ 
In🤘 this whole 🌏world, there🤙 will be no💯 sister like👩‍🎓 my dear❤️ sister
Best brother and sister quotes

 Two 👬best friends❌ can't be😎 brothers but 🤗two 👬brothers can be best 🙌friends 👬

those👩‍🎤 Sisters are very lucky🤙, who😁 has a brother🙋 hand on his🙌 head, Whatever the🤓 situation, 🤙this relationship 🤝always unbreakble ❌happens❤️.

Peoples👬 keep bodyguards💪 but we keep🙌 brothers🙋


this💯 four things ⚡are very 💪important in life🤗, water🌊, oxygen🌬️, food🍔, and most important🤙 Little fights💯 with our sisters👩‍🎤

After👳 father, ☺️the safest place👩‍🎤 for a daughter is🤗 only one💪 the Brother's 🙋shoulder
Brother sister quotes


I don't❌ need a superhero 🤓because I have my 🤙own superhero🤗 and I call him 🤠brother

Older👩‍🎤 sister always 💯takes care of her🤙 younger🙋 siblings 👩‍🎓every moment 😇like a mother❤️ 

Even😉 if the💯 whole 🌍world is 😇with you🤗, you will🔥 still lose 😎to the person✌️ with😎 whom 🙌has his 🤗sisters blessings🔥.
We😉 have 😎tried many ✌️relationships ☺️in this 🌍world.  💯Everyone 😎wanted✌️ something🤗 from us.😇There was 🤗only one💯 person 🤵who was😎 with 😇us in all😊 our 🙌difficult 😉 times🔥 without🤗 any greed ☺️and she 😀was our ❤️beloved 👩‍⚕️sister.

 Unique sister shayari in english

My 🤗brother 🤵solves 😎 a lot 😊of big🙌 problems☺️ in my life💯. He✌️ makes😀 me laugh😄 just 🤗when I 😇cry. He 🙌gets fat😉 and ☺️always 💯 calls 😎me fat😊 But😁 whatever 🔥my brother 🤵is, I love ❤️him more🤝 than😉 my 💯life.

No🤗 matter 😉how much 🙌skinny 👩‍⚕️ sister is😊, brother🤵 will 🤗always 💯call Fat to😆 his👩‍⚕️ sister

Someone☺️ came😉 and 😊asked me, 😎how 💯 are you😎 smiling🙄 even 🙌though you🤗 are ☺️surrounded ✌️by so😏 many😆 problems🤗. i 😄laughed 🤗and said☺️ because🙌 I have🔥 the blessings 💯of my👩‍⚕️ elder sister😊 to fight 😎against ✌️these tiny 🤝problems ❤️.

 Best brother and sister shayari in english

The relationship of brother and sister is like a chaat, in that relationship there is also a lot of chatter and sweetness is also plentiful.

In 🤗this 🌍 world, 😉there is 😎no other💯 clean 🙌and lovely 🤗relationship 🤝like 🤵siblings👩‍⚕️ because🔥 they 🙌always 😎care about 😇each other😄, no 😉matter ✌️how 🙌 many☺️ fights 💯are there😇 between😉 each🔥 other.

No😊 matter💯 how 🙌strong 😎our beloved🔥 brother's😎 girlfriend 👩‍⚕️is in 🙌taking care ✌️of our 🤵brother, but 😆she is always😉 weaker 😊in caring 🤗than her💯 lover's👩‍⚕️ sister❤️.

Some 😄cheap 🙄people 💯 keep😎 bodyguards😏 for😉 their 🙌safety 🤗 but we🔥 keep our 🤗siblings for😇 our own 😉safety.

In 😎this mean 💯world,🌍 there is😏 only one 🤗person 😊who always🔥 supports🤝 us😊 unconditionally, 😇always drives✌️ away🙌 the difficulties 🤗that come 💯in our😇 lives, and 🤗she is 😎no one💯 else,🔥 she is ✌️our dear 👩‍⚕️sister❤️.....

Brother shayari in english

If😇there 🤗 was a ✌️face 🙌to the word😎 that 💯always 😇supported 🔥without 😎any Expectations🙌, then of😊 course that😇 face😊 would 🔥be of💯 my🤵 brother.

A😊 brother🤵 is like 🤝a santa 😉clause 🤗 who 😇always 💯 wipes ✌️his sister's👩‍⚕️ tears🔥 and instead😎 of tears💯, gives a☺️ lovley 😄smile in ✌️the sister's👩‍⚕️ life😎.    

An 😇elder sister👩‍⚕️ always 💯feeds her😎 younger🙌 siblings🔥 but by 😎keeping 😊 herself 💯hungry.

May 😇I have😎 so much🤗 strength 🙌in my✌️ prayers☺️ to God,😉 my 🔥younger 😆 siblings 🙌should 😊 always 💯be brilliant😇 in 🔥the future❤️ life.

 I ✌️will go😎 to any 🤗extent for🙌 the😉 happiness😄 of my ☺️younger 😇siblings 💯 and✌️ I will make🔥 them laugh😆 by filling😎 my eyes 🔥with 😏 tears.

The 😇safest 💯help for 🤗a sister 😎in this😏 mean 🙌and 🙄nefarious 🌍world is ✌️only 🔥 that of 😎a 🤵brother.

Whenever 💯 I hear 😎these two🤗 words unconditional✌️ support 🔥and 😎unconditional ❤️ love in 😍my ears, 🤠of course😊 I will ✌️miss 😊 my 👩‍⚕️sister..

In😊this 🤠world,🌍 the 🔥sun's sunlight🤝 can🤗 be reduced✌️ once, 😎but never😄 can 😎a sister's❤️ love and 💯respect 🤠for her😎 brother😇 diminish.

No 😊matter 🤗 how 🤝much 😉 the brother🤵 in the 😄house 😎 bother 🤵his sister👩‍⚕️, but 🤗outside 💯 the 😎house ✌️he always🤠 protects 😊his sister👩‍⚕️ from😇 dangers.

People😊 tell ✌️the truth😎 that I always💯 do 😇a lot of 🤠tantrums 😄. But 😎they do💯 not 🤗know 🤝that my 😉sister 👩‍⚕️raises😄 my tantrums😉, so I🤗 do tantrums🤝.

It 🤠is also😇 important✌️ to have 💯a little love ❤️among 😊younger 😇siblings 🤗and with💯 some love❤️ it is 😎also important😊 to 😄have stories 😎of enjoyment😊 and fun🤝 in these 💯boths 😇relationships ❤️.

In😇 this🌍 world,😉 like😊 no one😎 can reduce 😉the 🤝sunlight, 😄in the😇 same😎 way🤝 the love🤠between two💯 siblings😇 also😎 cannot 😇be 🙌reduced 🤗.

I😉 will😊 always😎 fulfill 💯every 🙌desire 😉 that 🤝arouses 🙌 in my👩‍⚕️ sister's ❤️heart,🤝 and in😇 return 😊I would😆 just like🤠 to have😇 a glimpse 😉of it😆.

Lord,😇 you🤝 fulfill 😄only 😇one 😉wish of🙄 me,✌️ wherever🤠 my 💯sister is,☺️ always ✌️showered 🤠with 🤝happiness 🤗in her❤️ life.

A 🙋brother will ❌never tell 👩‍🎓his sister that I love❤️ you But🙌 in this world🌏 he loves no one ❌more than his👩‍🎤 sister
Brother sister quotes 

Siblings👩‍🎓 are no🤗 less than 🤘Tom and Jerry 🤙for a mother🤰 

Those👩‍💼 sisters are 🤘very lucky who💯 has a 😇caring 🙋Brother

Best brother and sister quotes

Brother 🙋and sisters👩‍🎓 relationship 🤝is like a🙌 tom and Jerry 🤘relationship everyone❤️ loves it🤘

Brother sister quotes

Dear 👩‍🎓sisters, He 🤣will tease you, he 🤠will fight with☹️ you but can't see a single 😓tear in your 👀eyes that's the🙋 brother
A sister👩‍🎓 and brother🙋 are not ❌connected 🤝 by of society🌏, they 🤗are connected🤝 by their lovly ❤️hearts 
sister👩‍🎓 and brother🙋 relationship 🤝is not by 🤙blood, but sister 👩‍🎓and brother🙋 relationship🤝 by heart❤️

Amazing 30+ brother and sister shayari in english

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If 🙌there is no ❌girlfriend for👩‍💼 a guy on Valentine's❤️ Day, then😇 it is not a 💯matter, if 🙌there is no 👩‍🎓sister on 👫Rakshabandhan, then it is a🙇 big deal


He 🙋will protect you 🙌he will stand with🕴️ you, He ❌will never love❤️ anyone more than 👩‍🎓you, Ya🤗 he is your 🙋brother he can do 🤙everything for your😀 smile.

for🙋 a brother Sister👩‍🎓 is the valuable🤑 than 😲everything

A🙋 brother without❌ a sister 👩‍🎓like a🕊️ bird without 👀wings

 Life🤠 is boring ☹️without a 👩‍🎓sister My sister 🤗is everything ❤️for me

 Sometimes😇 she fights 🤙with us, but she🤠 also has 🤘the skills to understand👩‍💼 our feelings ❤️without saying 🙊a single word 

The❤️ love of a sister 👩‍💼is the greatest🤑 wealth for any🙋 brother, all 🤘is spent, but the 🤗treasures of love❤️ are always remembered🤠

A brother 🙋defends you 👀in public😇 and corrects 🤗you in private😀

My😎 and my👩‍⚕️ sister's🤝 relationship 💯is very😋 sweet, may❤️ God bless✌️ us every😄 moment, 😇keep happiness😊 on our🤗 siblings' 👩‍⚕️relationship, ✌️do not🔥 look at🤝 anyone 🤗badly, every😎 moment our☺️ brother 🤵and sister's👩‍⚕️ relationship💯 smells😉 like roses

Many 😉years ✌️ago, I 🤗sought 😇blessings 🤗 from God,😎 give me a💯 loving sister👩‍⚕️ who is ❤️completely 🙌isolated😇 from😎 this mean 🌍world and 🤗does not💯 have a🤗 sense of 😎deceit for 🔥anyone 🙌 else in🙂 her heart❤️, and God☺️ heared 😎my prayers😇, and☺️ gave me a🙌 lovely👩‍⚕️ sister like 😎you.

Brother and sister quotes for you
Brother and sister quotes for you

My🙌 dear👩‍⚕️ sister, 😍my fight🙄 is with 😉you 🤗sometimes, and😇 my friendship💯 is also ✌️with you,😄 sometimes😎 you increase😀 my trouble🔥, but 😉every time😎 you✌️ also protect 💯me from🤗 trouble, 🤝but 😇No one is😀 as close😁 to my heart ❤️as you 😎are close to🤗 my heart, ☺️my dear👩‍⚕️ sister❤️.

Friends, 🤗this moment ✌️is very ☺️special because😀 I have💯 the support 😎of my🙌 sister👩‍⚕️, and Stay 😀away from😎 me my🤝 enemies😏 because my 👩‍⚕️sister is the😊 lioness 🔥who killes😇 big lions☺️ to protect✌️ their loved ❤️ones.

Brother and sister love quotes in english

If😎there is no ☺️father in💯 the house,🤗 then 😉the daughter👩‍⚕️ of that 🙌house 😀has 🤗 the strongest 😉support of🤝 her 🤵brother.

Our 😎younger 👩‍⚕️sister is☺️ always💯 less🙌 our sister👩‍⚕️, and she 😎is more☺️ like friend 🤗to us.

My 😇dear 😊sister, 👩‍⚕️you are 💯not only 🤗my 😎 friend🙌 but my❤️ life I 🙌have a🤗 smile 😉on my 😄face just😇 by being 💯with 😎you

Friends,😎 just think🙌 how much 💯will be😇 the fate 😉of the ☺️daughter of🤗 the house✌️ in which💯 the brothers 🤵put 🔥 everything 🤗on the stake 🙌for the😍 happiness 😁of their ❤️sister.

How 😎good will🙌 be the💯 fate of 🤗the sister 👩‍⚕️with ✌️whom every ☺️moment the🤗 brother is 🤵in love, ❤️no matter✌️ how many🤗 cracks the🙌 people of💯 the world🌍 put in 😎this lovely 😍relationship,☺️ but this 🔥lovely 😎relationship is🤝 unbreakable❤️?

Our 😎beloved ❤️sister's 😍 love👩‍⚕️ is not💯 less 😉than 😎God's 🔥blessing,🙌 no matter😇 how far 🤗the sister👩‍⚕️ is from 😎us, we 😊never feel 🙂sad because🙌 of the💯 blessings🔥 of the brother🤵 who is🙌 always🤗 with 👩‍⚕️her.

Brother and sister siblings quotes
Brother and sister siblings quotes 

The😎 brother 🤵always thinks🤝 about his🤗 sister's🙌 happiness😇 before she❤️ fulfils 😇her happiness 😎because without🤗 her 🤵brother there🙌 is no human 🙂who cares🙌 so much😊 about 😉her.

In 😉this world🌍, when💯 no human 😎is with 🙌you, then🤗 you always 🤝have your🔥 sister 👩‍⚕️with you☺️, whether ✌️that moment ☺️is of your 😄happiness or😇 difficult😏.

Those ☺️brothers 🤵 are 🤗very lucky💯 whose 👩‍⚕️sister not 😎only plays☺️ the role✌️ of sister 👩‍⚕️but also plays 😎a friend like✌️ sister👩‍⚕️.

Always🤗 keep in 💯mind one🙌 thing, friends,🤝 bring as😎 many bad 🙌thoughts 🙂 in your☺️ mind about😆 others👩‍⚕️ sister, as 😉you can💯 think of 🤗your 👩‍⚕️sister.

Best sister shayari in english
Best sister shayari In english

God ☺️has made 😎this world 🙌so lovely🤗 and 🤝made this 🌍world 💯even more☺️ lovely 💯by creating ☺️a brother🤵-sister 👩‍⚕️ relationship❤️ in this 🌍world.
In🤗 this world🌍, if a girl👩‍⚕️ does 😎not have 🙌a brother🤵, she always 🤝wants a🤗 brother🤵 in her🙌 life And💯 if a girl👩‍⚕️ has a🤵 brother😎 in her☺️ life, she 🤗always fights🙄 with 😊him

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