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About us for shayrislap.com

Shayrislap.com is the best website for poems quotes and poetry our vision is clear we want want to make our website no1 also we are providing 100% unique content for people 

My motive is to make motivated and happy and provide the best information We are consistently working to give people the best content 
According to me, shayrislap.com is the best source for Hindi Shayari quotes and poetry and on 2nd no we prefer you Shayariblast.in this website is also very good btw this site is our friend's site (Rahul Bhichher). 

We both help each other on Shayariblast.in I already published many articles. You can visit his website 
Shayrislap.com offers people quality content like Dosti Shayari, Love Shayari, romantic Shayari, sad Shayari, life Shayari, motivational quotes, Marathi suvichar, Hindi suvichar as well as Hindi Shayari etc.

Meet our team members

Jay Sonawane owner and founder of shayrislap.com

Jay Sonawane

Rahul bhichher owner and founder of shayariblast.in

Rahul Bhichher

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